Medical Transcription Outsourcing – Providing Focused Services

The process of providing quality healthcare is aided by many inputs, including the experience, education, skill sets of healthcare professional & support staff, various diagnostic equipments, tests/procedures, drugs/formulations and information from patient records. Medical transcription is the process of creating patient records from the dictation of healthcare professionals’ encounter with patients.

This function is essentially the scribe that records all the nuances of the process of patient care, including all details like patient demographics, the symptoms, the diagnosis, treatment prescribed and the progress made by the patient. However it is not part of the core activities of the healthcare facility, hence it is more effective and economical for the healthcare facility to outsource the entire process.

Outsourcing enables the healthcare facility to focus on its core activity of providing quality healthcare. It also helps the healthcare facility obtain services that are tailored to their specific needs without having to allocate internal resources to this process.

Availing specialty services is not only prudent but also necessary as creation of patient medical records is a process, which requires the right inputs in the form of the right process, right team and the right technology. As medical transcription is the core business of the service provider, the service provider is likely to have the right resources in place to provide services with the optimum accuracy, within a reasonable turnaround time, through secure channels, using the right technology and at reasonable prices.

By outsourcing the healthcare facility is essentially outsourcing all the steps required to create quality patient records.

What are the steps required to create quality, timely, secure and cost-effective patient records?

  • The right team: One of the major components of quality documentation services is the skill of the team. Creating a team of skilled transcriptionists a long drawn process involving recruitment of and training the right talent and honing their skills to make them domain experts. By availing this responsibility is essentially passed on to the service provider
  • The right infrastructure: The transcription process requires the right infrastructural support like the computers, headphones, servers, and foot pedals, real estate that is secure and software for the transcription process. By availing specialty services for creation of patient medical records, the healthcare facility is essentially eliminating a major portion of the infrastructure needed for in-house medical transcription
  • The right process: To meet the quality requirements of being timely secure and accurate, medical transcription needs to follow a certain process of having quality guidelines, quality check methods, security measures to ensure HIPAA/HITECH compliance and having the team available around the clock to take care of documentation needs. Outsourcing essentially frees up the healthcare facility’s management from this responsibility
  • The right technology: The transcription process requires the right technology to make it speedy and secure. Moreover having the right technology enables the healthcare professionals and the support staff to save on time and efforts by providing additional benefits like flexible modes of dictations, automatic downloads & uploads, remote faxing & printing etc.

Outsourcing to the right transcription vendor has benefits beyond just cost saving on costs. Therefore it becomes essential to source the right service provider so that healthcare facilities can benefit from the outsourcing process