Medical Transcription Outsourcing – Acting As a Catalyst For Change

Medical transcription is a vital component of the healthcare process; creating patient records which can be used as a point of reference as required. Patient records are invaluable as a decision-making tool in planning care for patients, as the basis for coding and billing, as evidence in case of litigation. Documenting the healthcare service provided to patients also prevents duplication of efforts and helps saving on resources.

This process requires inputs in the form of personnel, infrastructure and technology to be able to create accurate and speedy patient records. Having an in-house transcription department can lead to dilution of focus of time, attention and other resources from the core business of providing quality healthcare. Outsourcing the process of creating patient medical records on a turnkey basis to a professional service provider helps the healthcare facility focus on the core business.

Availing professional transcription services from the outsourced medical transcription service provider can act as catalyst for change in focus and provides strategic advantages.

How does outsourcing act as a catalyst for change?

Outsourcing to a professional service provider helps increase focus on core business, by providing services with the following benefits –

  • Savings on cost – One of the main and obvious benefits of availing the services of a specialized vendor is that of savings on direct and indirect cost of transcription. Not only that quality services also help speed up the reimbursement process.
  • Renewed focus on improving services -Availing these services from an outside entity frees up a lot of resources including key personnel, information technology infrastructure, real estate etc. This helps the healthcare facility renew their focus on improving the quality of services in their core business utilizing these resources.
  • Helps cope with expansion plans without diluting quality – It ensures that the quality of transcription, that is; accuracy, turnaround time and security are not compromised irrespective of the quantity of services required. Healthcare facilities can add on additional specialties and services without fear of dilution of quality in patient records
  • Access to a talent pool and the right technology – Outsourcing medical transcription basically provides access to a trained pool of transcriptionists without adding on to the payroll of the healthcare facility. Another benefit of this is that of access to technology used by the service provider for the transcription process. Technology is a major part of this process requiring huge amount of investment, maintenance and up gradation costs.

Outsourcing provides access to technology without any of these hassles. The benefits of technology used by the service provider helps in improving speed, security and ease of use by providing –
– A system that enables automatic upload of audio files for transcription at predetermined intervals

– Flexible modes of dictation

– Archives

– Different modes of document delivery like automatic printing, faxing, delivery to specified folders, access of transcripts to multiple users etc

– Facility for electronic signature

– Secure technology like data encryption, multi tiered application architecture, firewalls etc.

– HL7 interface for EMR adoption

– System for keeping track of dictation, transcripts etc

Outsourcing medical transcription to the right provider enables healthcare facilities to leverage on the experience, expertise, manpower and technology of the service provider and this can help act as a catalyst for positive change.