Electronic Medical Records – Challenging the Medical Transcription Industry

Recently, the healthcare industry has been benefiting from the use of electronic medical records. Contrary to misconception, medical transcription is not leading to extinction yet because of EMR and other advanced technology in Toronto. Its benefits to the medical society still outweigh that of electronic medical records and voice recognition technology. That sparks hope from groups of medical transcriptionists and transcription agencies. Let’s find out the reasons why.

Why Medical Transcription?

One of the practical reasons why medical transcription flourished in the healthcare industry is convenience. Most health care provider and agencies prefer this method over handwritten notes and electronic documentation. Thus, it remains as the standard form of patient collaboration documentation.

Here are the top reasons:

Time efficient- it is highly preferred because it allows physicians to save time specifically through dictation. Writing notes is painstaking at times especially during peak hours when each doctor is on call.

Accessibility- since most doctors are using PDA, it makes it easier for them because it allows them to dictate anytime. Other means of dictation are through telephone and Dictaphone.

More Descriptive-it enables doctors to appropriately describe a patient’s condition including relevant details. Thus, it enables them to go on with conventional practice and need not to adjust to the use of EMR.

Why Not EMR?

Utilizing point and click templates, EMR systems enable healthcare providers to produce clinical documents.By simply pointing and clicking corresponding choices from a list, patient encounter can be recorded. The finished document is closely similar to notes generated from transcription.

Time Delays- the standard point and click templates present a problem to some doctors in terms navigation. It prevents them to pay attention to some data presented to them.

Template Issues- since physicians’ preferences and requirements vary; the use of standard template presents an issue specifically to their flexibility in customizing such templates.

Usability- Needless to elaborate; not all doctor are tech savvy.

The battle continues between technological advancement such as EMR and conventional medical transcription. It is important to highlight that as the medical industry leans towards technological advancement, medical transcription is adopting new technologies.